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Handling the Details to Complete the Transaction
Once your home is in-contract, your buyer will probably have a couple contingencies that will need to be satisfied which typically includes inspections and financing.
  • Inspections are usually required to be completed within ten days after acceptance. Based upon those inspection results, your buyer may either be satisfied with all the results and remove the inspection contingency altogether, opt not to purchase your home because off too many problems, or present you with a Request to Remedy form which details the deficient items he/she wants you to repair in order for him/her to continue with the purchase. If the buyer opts to leave the deal, I will work to find out what it would take to keep the sale moving forward. Or if you are presented with a Request to Remedy form, I will review it with you and tell you which of the items listed on it are normal and typical for the area and which ones aren't.
  • I will stay in constant communication with your buyer's lender to ensure that his/her loan requirements are being met. Financing contingencies are usually removed after the appraisal is complete.  
I will set up the closing and review all details to make sure it goes smoothly.  To that end, I will be the firefighter putting out any fires, large or small, to ensure your sale closes on time.

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