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A Way to Say “Thank You Clintonville”

As with most people, I started 2017 with a fair share of challenges but also advantages. Here are some thoughts about the advantages, and about a way to "give back" in gratitude for those.

By residing and working in this neighbor- hood, I have experienced (hopefully you have too) what one might call the Clintonville dividend. I'm referring to our neighborhood's wealth of commercial, environmental, cultural, and other public assets, along with its proximity to the resources of venues such as the university district.

These amenities - our scenic ravines, top- notch restaurants, craft boutiques, excellent schools, and so much more - are a joy in and of themselves. They also pay off (literally) in the desirability and thus market value of Clintonville homes. In 2016 I celebrated my fourteenth year as a Clintonville resident. I was also fortunate to help more clients than ever, to buy and sell homes in this area.

To express thanks for the many ways that Clintonville has enhanced my life and my business, I have started a new practice. From each commission I earn on the sale or purchase of a local home, I am donating five percent to a non-profit service or charitable organization that benefits Clintonville. Each client may choose the respective recipient.

I am eager to discover which organizations will be chosen, and learn more about the ways that they garner appreciation from local residents. Every December, this newsletter will list the selected entities and report on their activities.

In the meantime, I encourage others to make room in their budget for donations to one or more of the organizations that are doing great work for our community. Information about some of these groups is available at the "Everything Clintonville" page of my web-site. 


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